Games of teamwork, Designed by teachers

We're a children's game company that likes to think differently and we aim to make learning fun, through games of teamwork

Jumping High Five Games was born out of a love for board games and the drive to create experiences that allow children to dive into new worlds and explore their imaginations. Being passionate about transformative education, we found it essential to teach valuable life lessons and social skills through each of our products. To that end, we develop cooperative skill-building games that foster creativity and community. We truly believe that learning to collaborate, help your peers, solve group problems, think-ahead, take turns and communicate open-minded ideas is what leads to success - both in school and in life. So, we build those aspects into each of our games.

Thoughtfully designed with durable materials, to last years

We also love the physical aspect of game play; holding stiff cards to learn fine motor skills, rolling dice to count your steps, moving game pieces across a beautifully-designed, story filled board... it’s part of what makes the experience so engaging. For that reason, we manufacture our products using top-quality, recyclable materials, so they last for years in your board game collection. Through toxicity testing, we ensure they are safe for your little ones’ health, too.

Laughs for parents, children and classrooms!

Though made for young children, parents need not fear that playtime with their children will be ‘boring’ or ‘dull’ with our games. We spend over 300 hours per game on story line development, play testing, artwork creation and more. In this process, we solidify our games’ ability to be replayed again and again, with new comebacks and challenges. They can also be played at differing levels of difficulty, and with a different number of players per round. Parents and teachers will love the jokes they find along the way, much like enjoying a Pixar movie as a family!